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Philosophy Statement

Youth Housing Project Association Inc. (YHP) is a community based Specialist Youth Homelessness service which provides medium term, externally supported accommodation services to young people aged 16-20 years in the inner northern suburbs of Brisbane. The service targets young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.


“Sustainable wellbeing through quality support”

Purpose Statement

We provide safe and secure housing and responsive, flexible, quality support for young people. We do this by adhering to social justice princilples, in particular, integrity, honesty, client participation, access and equity. We are also committed to maintaining collaborative partnerships and a healthy and sustainable organisation.

YHP Statement of Values

YHP works proactively to assist young people who often face complex life barriers including systemic inequity and discrimination leading to disadvantage and marginalisation. YHP’s statement of values underpins and guides our practice and service delivery and individual and organisational behaviour.

We value:

  • Social justice principles
  • Individual responsiveness
  • Strength based practice
  • Open, friendly and transparent approaches and processes
  • Self determination
  • Diversity
  • Work and life wellbeing balance
  • Fairness and equity
  • Actively challenging systemic inequities
  • Collaborative partnerships
  • Critical reflection, awareness and growth
  • Independence and sustainability
  • Mutuality and accountability


YHP acknowledges and supports the rights of young people to safe, affordable, appropriate accommodation. We also acknowledge the need to address broader social issues which contribute to the marginalisation of young people such as lack of access to income security, health and education services.

YHP provides externally supported medium term accommodation for marginalised 16-20 year old singles, couples, young parents and pregnant women who are homeless or are at risk of homelessness. Our service provides an environment, which actively encourages the process of transition to independence.

In delivering services, YHP works collaboratively with young people to develop individual case management plans which encourage them to self-identify goals. It is our belief that young people have the capacity, if given the opportunity, to make informed choices about their future and that this is a fundamental right. Young people are supported and encouraged to develop appropriate responses to their issues. YHP maintains a role in advocacy which prioritises the rights and needs of the target group at an individual level.

YHP is committed to addressing inherent systemic inequities. In acknowledging the responsibility of the wider community, YHP works to increase the options available to young people. We actively seek and engage in proactive partnerships with relevant stakeholders, including the target group, to improve the position of young people at both an individual and systemic level within the community and wider society. We use these community linkages to identify and respond to both current and emerging trends. This process encourages the creation of relevant pathways for young people to access safe, affordable and appropriate housing within the sector. We act within the political environment to decrease the inequities which young people experience, especially in relation to accommodation.

The essential services YHP provide are:

  • Safe, secure and affordable accommodation
  • Information, resources and referral
  • Access to support assistance in the transition to independent living in long term secure housing.
  • A positive environment where issues connected to homelessness can be addressed; and
  • Tenancy management which is supportive, educative and responsive to the individual needs of young people.


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